Shopify is a site builder that specializes in e-Commerce website solutions. You can use it to build your retail website to sell products to your customers. View more about Shopify at the following link:

Pointing your DreamHost site to Shopify

If your domain is registered at DreamHost, you can point your DNS to Shopify.

In the screenshot below, the domain is used. Your domain will show instead when configuring this record.

  1. Set your domain up in your panel to DNS Only.
  2. View the following link to configure your site at Shopify. This step provides your Shopify store ID:
  3. In your DreamHost panel, create an 'A record' to point to Shopify.
    Host (leave blank)
    Points to

    Shopify A record.png

  4. Create a CNAME record.
    Hosts www
    Points to

    Shopify A record.png

Your site now points to Shopify.

It's possible you may see the following error when adding the CNAME:

The record cannot coexist with another record.

This displays because you did not set your domain to DNS Only first. View the following article to set it as DNS Only. You will then be able to add this record.

Pointing a subdomain to Shopify

If you only want a subdomain such as to point to Shopify, you just need to create a CNAME record as shown above. The 'www' record is technically a subdomain, so you can just change the 'www' to 'shop' or whatever the name of your subdomain is. View the following article for further details:

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