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This article provides information on what to do if you currently own a domain registration that was previously purchased through DreamHost's now-inactive ‘New TLD’ portal which was managed by the domain registrar, eNom. When that page was enabled, it allowed users to purchase certain top-level domains (TLDs) that the DreamHost system wasn’t designed to support.

This includes premium domain names which require higher pricing due to what the registry defines as a widely sought after domain name (e.g.,, the name ‘john’ being a popular first name).

It also includes domain registration extensions, or TLDs, such as ‘.BIO’, which is a TLD that DreamHost does not offer through the (Panel > 'Domains' > 'Registrations') page for purchase, but did allow through the ‘New TLD’ portal managed by eNom, which has been removed from all DreamHost accounts.

What should I do?

Because DreamHost does not support such domains, an eNom account has been created for you. An email was sent to you when the eNom account was created and provides further details on what to do.

  • In order for DreamHost to "push" your domain registration(s) to the eNom account, you must make a few edits to your account and submit the changes to eNom. This is so you can manage them in the future.
  • The following information describes how to access these accounts, what information you need to view/save, and where to go to submit your account information.
  • This article only applies to customers that purchased domain registrations through the 'New TLD' portal page in the past, but are unable to manage those domain registrations via the current DreamHost panel.

Finding your eNom account information

In the event that you cannot locate the email that was sent when the eNom account was initially created for you, you can find your eNom account login information in your DreamHost panel:

  1. Log into your DreamHost account.
  2. Navigate to the (Panel > 'Domains' > 'Registrations') page.
    On the ‘Registrations’ page, an alert displays titled ‘Customer Enom Account Exists’. This contains your eNom account information:
    05 enom change.fw.png
  3. Click the ‘Reveal Enom Account Information’ link in blue to view your login ID and password.
    06 enom change.fw.png
  4. View the following:
    • User ID: The account ID for your new eNom account.
    • Password: The default password set when the eNom account was created.
    • Secret: The answer to the secret question for the eNom account.
    • The password displayed in your panel was the random password set when your account was created by DreamHost. If the password was changed by you at any time, this password has not been updated and is therefore incorrect.
    • If you have changed your eNom account password in the eNom account directly, and the password displayed in the DreamHost panel no longer provides access, you can reset your eNom password by following the steps outlined in the Resetting your eNom account password section below.

Accessing your eNom account

After locating your login details, use the following instructions to access your eNom account:

  1. Navigate to
    01 enom change.fw.png
  2. Enter the User ID and Password displayed in your DreamHost panel in the available fields.
    Once you are logged in to your account, the Account Dashboard appears:
    02 enom change.fw.png
  3. Under the 'Account Overview' heading, click the 'Edit' link to the right of the 'Account Details'.
    The Contact Details page opens. In order to migrate your domain to this new account, only the “Contact Details” section of the page must be completed:
    03 enom change.fw.png
  4. Fill in each required field with valid contact information. A red asterisk (*) indicates a required field.

    A credit card is not necessary for DreamHost to migrate your domain to this account. However, if you wish to continue renewing domains through this account in the future, a credit card is required and can be added now or at a later date.

    04 enom change.fw.png
  5. Once you have entered your contact details and credit card details (if needed), scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Save Changes button to update your information on this account.

Finishing the setup of your custom eNom account

Once all fields are entered, contact the DreamHost support team on the (Panel > ‘Support’ > ‘Contact Support’) page to complete the migration process.

How do I reset my eNom account password?

The password displayed in your panel was the random password set when your account was created by DreamHost. If the password was changed by you at any time in your eNom account after logging in, what is listed in the panel is no longer your current password.

If you need to reset your password, please follow the steps described below.

  1. Visit the eNom password reset page.
    09 enom change.fw.png
  2. Enter your “User ID” listed in your DreamHost panel. This login/user ID is always the same, and cannot be changed.
  3. Click the Submit button to proceed to the next step.
    08 enom change.fw.png
  4. Enter the “Secret” shown in your DreamHost panel.

    If you previously manually updated this within the eNom account, the “Secret” listed in your DreamHost panel may not work for this field. Instead, enter the new secret answer that you used.

  5. Click the submit button to proceed.
    An alert appears that indicates that a new password is sent to your eNom account email address, which is the same one that’s on file for your DreamHost account as the primary email address:
    07 enom change.fw.png

    If you have changed this email address previously in your eNom account, the new password is sent to the updated email address on file in your eNom account settings.

Once the form is submitted, your previous password is changed to the new one sent to you from eNom. Please note that your previous password no longer allows you to access your eNom account once this process is complete.

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