Benefits of Atmail

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Atmail is a fully-functioning Webmail client that offers a simple and reliable interface to manage your email and contact information.

DreamHost is currently migrating all of its Webmail services to use Atmail which will soon be available to all customers.

Atmail was chosen as it is a step up from former DreamHost Webmail clients in that it's faster, offers more features, and is in constant development. This article describes some of the benefits of using Atmail.

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  • Faster – Better hardware and built-in caching allows faster service/decreased load times than previous Webmail clients.
  • Contacts – Atmail offers the ability to create custom contact groups and add photos to individual contacts.
  • Active development – Atmail is actively developing its software to remain current and relevant. Atmail's sole focus is on email so its full attention is on product development for Webmail applications.
  • Larger uploads – Offers the ability to upload attachments much larger than former versions of Webmail, and allows up to 30MB through the web browser interface.
  • Mobile UI – Comes with a mobile user interface that you can use with any modern smartphone.
  • Click & drag attachments – When creating a new email in Atmail, you can easily drag a file from your computer into Atmail to automatically attach a file.

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