BigCartel is a site builder that specializes in creating an online store for your merchandise. You can use it to build your retail website to sell products to your end customers. View more about BigCartel at the following link:

Pointing your DreamHost site to BigCartel

If your domain is registered at DreamHost, you can point your DNS to BigCartel.

The screenshot below uses the domain Your domain appears instead when following these instructions.

  1. Set your domain up in your panel to DNS Only.
  2. View the following link to learn about creating a custom domain at BigCartel. This step gives you your store ID:
  3. In your DreamHost panel, create a CNAME record.

    01 BigCartel.png

    Host blog
  4. Enter the Host and Value, and then click the Add Record button.

Your site is now pointed to BigCartel. However, only the 'www' version of your site is pointed. The next section explains how to create a redirect to the 'www' version of your site so it always functions.

Redirecting your non-www URL to www

  1. View the Redirect Domain article for detailed instructions on how to create a redirect.
  2. Enter the following fields into your panel:
    • Domain to redirect:
    • Redirect to URL:
    Replace with your actual site URL
  3. Save your redirect.

Your site now always redirects to its 'www' version which then redirects to BigCartel.

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