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PHP 5.5 was removed from the DreamHost panel on March 14, 2017 as it has been EOL'd by This application should be updated immediately to the latest One-Click version to prevent any issues after the PHP version is updated to 5.6. If the version is not updated, it's possible the site will not function properly.

View the following article for details on how to update the version:

This article is a quick overview of GetSimple CMS. For One Click Install instructions, please visit the How to Install a One-Click Install article.

What is GetSimple CMS?

GetSimple CMS is a free and open source content management system that is intended to be simple, fast and easy to use. It is based on PHP and released under the GNU General Public License. Instead of using a database to store information, GetSimple saves all data to structured XML-files and thus belongs to the group of flat-file web applications which can be run without a database. For more information, please visit GetSimple’s CMS website:

Installing GetSimple CMS

After you install GetSimple CMS using the One-Click Install service, you will receive an email confirmation with further installation instructions. Once your receive this, navigate to the following URL on your website to proceed with the install:


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