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The Advanced menu contains links for other parts of the DreamHost panel that offer additions to your website. These can be used to optimize your overall experience.

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SSH Keys

On the SSH Keys page, you can view the SSH Fingerprints assigned to your server. You can then verify you're connecting to the correct server via SSH when it prompts you to save the Fingerprint and SSH Key.

Cron Jobs

The Cron Jobs page is where you can add/manage a cron job. Cron is a way of performing scheduled tasks on UNIX systems. Each entry in a user's "crontab" file is called a "cronjob."

View the following article for details:


The Htaccess/WebDAV page is where you can enable password protection or WebDAV.

You can use this web interface to create usernames and passwords for your friends and associates to access password-protected sections of your websites. You can even use an .htaccess file to help prevent hotlinking of your website files by outside parties or forbid specific file extensions.

The panel option is only able to add the features mentioned above. If you need to add any other code to an .htaccess file, you must create it manually. View the following article for details:

And view the following for an overview on WebDAV:

Block Spiders

On the Block Spiders page, you can create an .htaccess file to block specific search engines.

View the following article for details:


On a DreamHost Virtual Private Server (VPS) or Dedicated Server, you may configure a Proxy Server. You can configure it on the Proxy page in the DreamHost panel.

View the following article for details:

Site Statistics

You can enable site statistics on the Site Statistics page. The site statistics application runs through a program called Analog and provides various types of reports, including statistical reports for your domain.

View the following links for further details:

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