How to use boto-rsync with DreamObjects

boto-rsync is an rsync-like tool that leverages boto to synchronize files with an object storage service such as DreamObjects.

The creator of boto-rsync is no longer developing it, so there may be bugs and missing features. DreamHost has forked the code (available at the above github URL) and fixed some issues related to unicode, multipart uploads, and multiprocessing.

Example Commands

Optionally the –delete flag can be included for similar functionality to rsync, in order to remove files from the destination that don’t exist on the source.

Uploading a file or directory

[user@localhost]$ boto-rsync -a ACCESSKEY -s SECRETKEY --endpoint /SOURCE/PATH s3://DESTINATIONBUCKET/PATH

Downloading a file or directory

[user@localhost]$ boto-rsync -a ACCESSKEY -s SECRETKEY --endpoint s3://SOURCEBUCKET/PATH /DESTINATION/PATH

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