Service control API commands

End-of-Life Warning

This API command will be removed and no longer function on November 2, 2021.

Any change to your account that requires some time to set, runs as a service. The services API allows you to check on the status of those services. When an API command needs to run a service, it returns a unique token to identify the service.

Related commands

The following commands return a "token" on success, which can be used to check on the status:



Use this command to get a status report on the job being scheduled. If the token is for a service that completed more than several days ago, it may return the error 'too_old'.

Command services-progress
Required value



status scheduled executed finished
success 2010-01-15 14:47:05 2010-01-15 14:47:16 2010-01-15 14:47:17

Possible errors


  • scheduled is the time this command was added to the service queue.
  • executed is the time this command started running.
  • finished is the time this command finished.
  • status may be:
    • "waiting": this command is scheduled to run, and is currently waiting its turn to run.
    • "running": this command is currently being executed.
    • "success": this command completed successfully.
    • "failure": this command completed unsuccessfully.


Launches the Flash Video converter on a video specified by a URL.

Command services-flvencoder
Required value

url (full URL of a video or directory to convert)

Optional values

dim (size of video in "400x300" format)
snap (number of seconds into the video to generate the preview at)
ab (audio bitrate)
ar (audio sample rate)
batch (set if you pass a path to a directory to convert all files)
quiet (only send one email for a batch conversion)
noemail (send no emails at all)

Returns a service queue token, usable with services-progress.

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