How does DreamObjects Billing Work?

If you haven’t selected a pre-paid plan when your free trial expires, your account will automatically transition to Usage-Based Billing. Don’t sweat it: that means you’ll only pay if you store or transfer files to and from DreamObjects. If you don’t use DreamObjects, you won’t owe a cent!

DreamObjects Pre-Paid Plans

Prepaid plans are good if you store a lot of data, like you keep backups or a lot of live content.

The charge for downloading is 5¢ per GB, but there is no charge for uploading data to DreamObjects.

Storage Included Monthly Price Effective Price/GB
100 TB $1499.95 1.46¢
20 TB $299.95 1.46¢
10 TB $169.95 1.66¢
5 TB $84.95 1.66¢
2 TB $34.95 1.71¢
1 TB $19.95 1.95¢
200 GB $4.50 2.25¢
40 GB $0.95 2.38¢

If you go over the amount of storage included with your plan you are charged 2.5¢/GB of storage.

DreamObjects Usage Based Billing

DreamObjects also has usage based billing which is best suited for people who have less than 40G to store. The rates for usage billing are:

  • 2.5¢/GB of storage
  • 5¢/GB of download

Your DreamObjects bill is based off the most amount of data you used for the month, so if you used 20GB for most of the month, but at some point you used 25GB, then 25GB would be the amount of storage you are billed for.

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