Using DreamObjects with DreamPress

The DreamObjects Backups plugin that was installed with your WordPress instance on DreamPress is designed to backup all or part of your WordPress system. It is always a good idea to backup your WordPress data on a regular basis. You have a 30-day trial to test out using DreamObjects for your backups.

Setting up DreamObjects

To activate the plugin in the WordPress Admin panel on the Plugins page:

  1. Open the WordPress Admin panel page.
  2. View the DreamObjects plugin page. It will be towards the bottom of the navigation area in the WordPress Admin panel.
    • Two empty fields appear: an Access Key and a Secret Key.
    • You must obtain those keys from the DreamHost control panel.
  3. Log in to the DreamHost control panel and navigate to the (Panel > 'Cloud Services' > 'DreamObjects').02_dp_dho.fw.png
    • Your DreamHost username appears in the Users section. Under that are the keys you need to activate DreamObjects.
  4. Click your username.
  5. Copy the Access Key key and paste it into the Access Key field in the WordPress Admin panel (on the DreamObjects page).
  6. To the right, find the link named "Show Secret Key", and then Click on it which reveals the Secret Key.
  7. Copy that key and paste it into the Secret Key field in the WordPress Admin panel (on the DreamObjects page).
  8. Click Save changes.
    • The connection between your WordPress system and DreamObjects is established.
  9. To create a "virtual bucket" to store your backup data, go back to the DreamHost control panel.
  10. Click the 'Add Bucket' link under the Access Key.
  11. Enter a name for the virtual bucket, and then click Save.
  12. Go back to the WordPress Admin panel and select the bucket you just created from the drop down list.
  13. Click the Update Options button.
  14. Click the new link that appears called 'Backups' below DreamObjects in the navigation area.
  15. Select the options you wish to enable for your backups:
    • What to Backup
    • Schedule
    • Backup Retention
    • Status Notification
  16. Click Update Options.

DreamObjects is now ready to back up your WordPress data!

What's next?

When your trial is over, DreamObjects costs 2.5¢/GB of storage per month. If you do need to download and restore your backup, it costs 5¢/GB per month. This is very inexpensive storage for keeping your backup data on a different server than your DreamPress account.

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