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Flash was once a popular tool for creating compelling and dynamic websites. However, in recent years the popularity of Flash has sharply declined due to security vulnerabilities, poor performance, and mobile compatibility issues.

See the following article to learn more about Adobe's Flash Player EOL plan:

Changes at DreamHost

DreamHost formerly provided Flash media tools at media.dreamhost.com for purposes of embedding video and creating image slideshows.

There also used to be a 'Flash Media' page in the DreamHost panel where you could convert videos to FLV format. These pages have been removed. Alternatives are mentioned below.

Will my Flash scripts still work at DreamHost?

If you had previously used the Flash tools on the media.dreamhost.com page, they will continue to function. 

However, DreamHost strongly recommends using a more modern way to display your media. To help you with this, view the 'Alternatives' section below.



If you still need to us jwplayer, you can download it from the following site to create your own installation:

HTML5 image slideshow

The best option is to search Google for HTML5 image slideshows. There is a very large amount of scripts available so it's a matter of finding one that best suites your needs.

Video converter

An FLV converter is no longer necessary even if you wish to continue to use Flash Player. This is because HTML5 is a new and better alternative which supports video formats that can play on third party Flash players. View the following article for further details on HTML5 video.

If you're using WordPress, there are several options to embed videos

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