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What is a Web Section?

After you select a theme, you are ready to edit it. Each theme is divided into sections called 'Web Sections'. Each 'Web Section' is an editable section of the page you can click to design the page. Furthermore, each 'Web Section' has a specific layout and design, so each 'Web Section' does something different for the page.

For example, if you wanted an audio clip on your page, you would need to first add the Audio 'Web Section'. Once added, you can then edit the Audio 'Web Section' to upload your own audio.

After adding a 'Web Section', you can then customize any of the content you see within the section to fit your needs.

Each 'Web Section' is created within a single page. It's not possible to copy 'Web Sections' between different Remixer pages.

It's also not possible to edit or rearrange the structure of a 'Web Section'. You are able to edit only what you can click on.

How do I use them?

When you choose a theme, several 'Web Sections' are already built into it. You can click to edit any 'Web Section' to design your content.

If you'd like additional content such as a video, you would need to first add the Video 'Web Section'. Once the specific 'Web Section' is added, you are able to edit it as you like.

Below is a description of each of the available 'Web Sections' in Remixer.


About 'Web Section' allow you to add a brief description of your company and services. They are a quick snapshot of what you'd like your visitors to quickly grasp about your website.


Audio 'Web Sections' allow you to add audio to your site. View the 'Audio in Remixer' audio article for further details.


Contact 'Web Sections' offer you the ability to create a customer contact form and a map to your business location.


At this time, there is no built-in service for eCommerce or SSL certificates.


Footer 'Web Sections' are configured with popular social media icons such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. You can then link these wherever you like.


Gallery 'Web Sections' allow you to create a gallery of images.


Grid 'Web Sections' offers several different layouts to present text and image content.


Header 'Web Sections' allow you to create menu links at the top of your page.


Hero 'Web Sections' are a quick way to boldly display a service or product to your visitors. For example, you could create a strong headline with a button under it which the user would click for further information.


Video 'Web Sections' allow you to add video to your site. View the 'Video in Remixer' article for further information.

You can also add video by adding a 'Hero Video' 'Web Section'.

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