How do I use the upper toolbar in Remixer?

The toolbar that appears at the top of every page within Remixer allows you to quickly access various design and setting features.

Using the toolbar to select a Remixer function

Click the following buttons to open various pages related to Remixer features:

02 remixer top ribbon.fw.png
  1. DreamHost logo – opens the main 'Select Theme' page.
  2. Websites – displays all of your previously saved pages.
  3. Media – opens a page where you can store various website assets such as images, videos, audio, and so on.
  4. Publish (or View)– This only shows when editing the site. If your site has not been published yet, a 'Publish' button shows. Clicking this makes the site live on the domain you assigned within the 'Settings' page (view 'Settings' section below). If you have already published the site, the 'View' button allows you to view the current page.
  5. Account – opens a drop down menu to contact support, search kb articles, or log out of Remixer.


06 remixer pages icon.fw.png

Displays all of your previously saved pages:

03.1 remixer all pages.fw.png

You can perform the following actions on this page:

  • Edit — Edit a saved page.
  • Settings — Adjust your site's settings such as SEO, Google Analytics, and Domain name.
  • Publish — Makes the page live on your domain you've assigned within 'Settings'.


View the 'Editing a page in Remixer' article for further information.


10.1 remixer pages gear.fw.png

Clicking the Settings button opens a dialog page.

Remixer publish domain

You can perform the following actions on this page:

  • SEO – add SEO details and Google Analytics for your new website.
  • DOMAINS – Select a domain to publish your Remixer site to.
  • DELETE THIS PAGE – Deletes the current page.

Be sure to click the Save settings button when you finish.


07 remixer content icon.fw.png

Opens the Manage Content page where you can load various assets to your website:

04 remixer manage content.fw.png


12.1 remixer images.fw.png
  • Upload files from your computer. You can upload files to Remixer by either clicking the box or dragging and dropping files into the box.
  • Import images from various social media sites.
  • Add royalty-free images with pixabay.
  • Import images and text from a website by entering a URL.


13 remixer video.fw.png
  • Add direct links to video content using a URL.
  • Import video from various social media sites.
  • Search YouTube.
  • Search Vimeo.


14 remixer audio.fw.png
  • Add direct links to video content using a URL.
  • Import audio from various social media sites.


15 remixer markdown.fw.png
  • Create a Markdown file to use on your website. The button opens an editor where you can edit, preview, save, and delete a Markdown file.

Content Groups

16.1 remixer content groups.fw.png
  • Create or view your previously saved tags of images, videos, and audio groups.


09 remixer publish icon.fw.png

The 'Publish' button only shows when editing your site. Click the Publish button when you finish editing and are ready push the Remixer site to your live domain you've assigned in the 'Settings' section.

An animated Publish button appears showing you the upload progress of your website:
When your website publishes to your domain, an updated icon on the upper right appears.
19 remixer publish view.fw.png
  • Click the View! button to open the live website.

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