Editing a page in Remixer

The editing panel allows you to quickly edit a page using a sleek WYSIWYG editor.

How do I access the editing panel?

There are two ways you can access the editing page:

  • On the Theme selection page, click the Select Theme button for any theme.
  • If you've already saved a page, click the Website button on the top right. Then hover over your theme and click the Edit button.

Viewing the editing panel

When you open the editor, the theme appears with editable 'Web Sections':

20 remixer full edit.fw.png

Where do I begin?

Each template includes 'Web Sections' that feature various components that you can edit for your website including text, images, videos, and more.

To begin editing a 'Web Section', simply hover over it with your mouse to view the various elements that you can edit:

21 remixer edit hover.fw.png

Using the upper editing toolbar buttons

The following buttons appear at the top of the editor:

22 remixer edit top buttons.fw.png
  1. Undo – Reverts your last edit.
  2. Redo – Redoes your last edit.
  3. New – Opens the gallery box where you can select a new 'Web Section' to add.

Editing a template

When you're ready to edit, hover over and click to highlight it:

Clicking any section within a 'Web Section' only allows you to edit that specific section. It's not possible to drag & drop or move sections around since each 'Web Section' is built with pre-defined and non-editable sections.

24 remixer editing grid.fw.png
  1. Teardrop icon – Opens the editor for the specific 'Web Section'. You edit the text, image, video, or audio by first clicking this button.
  2. Remix – This is the stars button on the top right of a 'Web Section'. This opens the 'Web Section' gallery where you can "remix" the content by selecting a new 'Web Section'.
  3. Options – This is the gears button on the top right of a 'Web Section'. This opens the Markup tab where you can view the styling code within the section.
  4. 'Web Section' name – Shows the name of the 'Web Section' that is selected. In this example, the 'Web Section' name is "Blog Posts".
  5. Delete – The red trashcan icon deletes the entire 'Web Section'.
  6. Image – When you hover over an image, the Image tab appears over it. Click the image to edit it.

When you are ready to make an edit, either click the element or the teardrop icon adjacent to it.

Editing text

View the following article for details on how to edit text in Remixer:

Editing an image

View the following article for details on how to edit images in Remixer:

Editing video, audio, or other files

View the following articles for details on how to edit video and audio in Remixer:

Changing the background color

If your 'Web Section' supports the feature to change the background color you'll see the following on the top right.

Adding JavaScript to a page

It's currently not possible to add custom JavaScript to a Remixer page.

Saving your page

Remixer automatically saves your edits, but your changes are not pushed live to your domain until you click the Publish button and assign it to a domain. If you make any additional edits to your page, you must click the Publish button again to make the new changes live.

You can view all saved pages by clicking 'Websites' on the top right. The page continues to exist until you delete it.

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