How do I get started with Remixer?

Below are the steps to quickly get started using Remixer.

Where to begin

  1. Open

    Google Chrome browser is preferred.

  2. Enter the same account owner login credentials you use for the DreamHost panel.
  3. When the 'Authorize Remixer...' prompt appears, click the blue Grant Access button to open Remixer.

Using the theme page

The following page appears when you open Remixer:

01 remixer main.fw.png

Selecting a theme

You can browse the various designs on the Select Theme page:

05 remixer select theme.fw.png

When ready, hover over a theme and select one of the following options:

  • Live Demo – opens a preview of the website using the selected theme.
  • Start Editing – opens the editing panel where you can edit each of the various elements within the website.

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