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Below are some common questions, answers, and troubleshooting tips for Remixer. Please visit the official Remixer setup articles for additional information.

You should also review the following article for a list of features not supported:


What is Remixer?

Remixer is DreamHost's new click-to-edit site builder tool!

You can easily create a ready-to-publish website by following these simple steps:

  1. Select a theme
  2. Edit a theme
  3. Preview your page
  4. Assign the page to your domain

The Remixer setup articles describe the entire process from picking a theme to publishing your assets to a DreamHost domain.

How much does it cost?

View the 'Remixer plans and pricing' article for details.

Is Remixer mobile friendly?

Yes. Remixer is optimized for mobile use.

How do I start using Remixer?

  1. Open

    Google Chrome browser is preferred.

  2. Enter the same account owner login credentials you use for the DreamHost panel.
  3. When the 'Authorize Remixer...' prompt appears, click the Grant Access button to open Remixer.

Do I need anything else?

No. All you need is a computer/browser and the ability to point, click, drag, and drop!

DreamHost recommends using a desktop computer with the Google Chrome browser for Remixer.

How do I get support for Remixer?

You can submit a support ticket via email.

Remixer support is not currently available over Live Chat.

Building your site

How do I edit a page?

View the following link for details on how to create and edit a page.

Once I begin building, can I save it and return later to publish?

Yes. Remixer auto-saves your work. You can find your saved sites at the top right by clicking 'Websites'.

Can I set up an eCommerce store with an SSL certificate?

At this time, there is no built-in service for eCommerce or SSL certificates in Remixer.

Can I add a logo to my Remixer site?

Yes. Adding a logo is like adding any other image. View the following article for instructions:

Can I add Google Analytics to Remixer?

Yes. View the following article for details:

Can I add Google AdSense code to Remixer?

This is currently not possible.

Coding questions

Do I need to know HTML, JavaScript, or CSS?

No. Remixer is entirely template-based, and requires no hand coding whatsoever. You can create a fully-functional website in minutes using an easy-to-use, click-to-edit site builder.

Can I add JavaScript to a page?

It's currently not possible to add custom JavaScript to a Remixer page.

Can I access the HTML files directly? Does Remixer have an HTML editor to manually modify the theme or 'Web Section'?

View the following article for an overview of 'Web Sections'.

At this time, Remixer does not have an HTML editor built in or any method to access the actual HTML files.

Remixer themes and 'Web Sections' have been specifically designed to look and fit a certain way, and DreamHost recommends you use the Remix option under each 'Web Section' if you wish to try a different section style.

Can a Remixer page be exported as HTML?

No. Remixer pages are completely built and operated within the Remixer service.

Canceling and Deleting

Canceling a Remixer plan

View the following article for instructions on canceling a Remixer plan:

Deleting a site

View the following article if you need to delete a site you no longer need.


My domain is showing a 'Page Not Found' site

The 'Page Not Found' appears on your domain or subdomain when the page does not publish to the web server correctly.

Review the following instructions on how to publish to your domain name:

I just published, but my domain isn’t loading the site yet

Double-check to make sure you have assigned the domain or subdomain to your page on the Pages menu. When you edit a Remixer page, this section displays in the left pane.

DNS changes are required if you are publishing to your domain or subdomain for the first time.

  • If your domain’s nameservers are pointed to DreamHost, it automatically updates within 24 to 48 hours.
  • If your domain’s nameservers are not pointed to DreamHost, you must update your DNS records at the company that hosts your nameservers.

Remixer requires that your DreamHost domain is set to DNS Only prior to publishing. To set up DNS only, view the following article:

Your site should be visible after a few hours of DNS propagation.

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