What is private networking?

Private networking is a type of network in which all the servers connected to that network are able to talk to each other and reach the rest of the internet through a router, but the rest of the internet cannot initialize a connection to those servers.

Private networking is ideal for running services that you wish to make secure, as these services are unreachable from the internet and thus are much harder to hack.

Enabling private networking

US-East 2 has public networking available by default which means every one of your servers gets allocated a public IP address when it is created on that network.

In order to enable private networking on your account in US-East 2, you must contact support and make a request to enable it. Currently, this is unavailable through the panel.


Private networking in US-East 2 is free of charge, however floating IPs to allow instances on the private network a public IPv4 address are charged at $1/month per floating IP.

Known Issues

Private networking is currently a beta feature, but has been well tested. One limitation currently in place is that IPv6 is not supported with private networking at this time, but will be soon.


Once support has enabled your account to use private networking, please refer to the following articles to complete the setup.

Create and manage private networks with the DreamCompute Dashboard

Create and manage private networks with the nova and neutron CLI

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