How do I assign my first Remixer page to a domain?


This article describes how to publish your Remixer site from the default Cloud URL, to a domain name.

Adding Remixer to a domain

In order for a domain to appear as an eligible Remixer publish destination, it must be listed as fully hosted (Shared) or DNS Only, which is listed on the Manage Websites page in your panel.

  1. Click the My Sites button in the upper toolbar.
  2. Locate your new page.
  3. Click the Settings button.
    The Settings page opens.
  4. Click the SEO tab.
    If you wish to replace the default 'Website name', then enter a new title for your page. The title appears on the browser tab when you load your published site. You can also add a page description, choose if you want search engines to crawl the site, and enter a Google Analytics ID.
  5. Click the DOMAINS tab and select your domain/sub-domain from the dropdown list under Publish Destination.
    If you had previously added hosting to your domain (e.g., Shared, VPS, Dedicated, DreamPress), selecting the domain from the dropdown gives you a warning that you already have hosting configured for the specific domain. If you proceed with adding Remixer to the domain, your old files will remain on the server, so no data is lost.

    Choosing a domain to use with Remixer just updates the DNS, so your site displays the content of your Remixer page. To proceed, check the box to confirm you understand this.

    You can only assign your Remixer site to the domain. It's not possible to assign it to a subdirectory of a domain such as

    Why are some domains not eligible?

    Non-eligible domains are any of the following:

  6. Click the Save settings button.
    The page displays 'UNPUBLISHED CHANGES', which means it's not live yet on your domain.
  7. On the 'Websites' screen, click the 'Publish' button.
    The website now shows as PUBLISHED.

If this is your first time publishing a Remixer site to this domain, a DNS change is required. This can take up to 24–48 hours for the Remixer site to appear on the domain.

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