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If you're finding that Remixer or regular Wordpress is too limited for your needs, or wish to use an alternative to the Remixer WordPress Export feature, DreamHost support can provide you free access to its new 'WP Website Builder' (powered by BoldGrid).

For more information on installing BoldGrid to your Remixer or regular WordPress site, please contact the DreamHost support team via Live Chat or email at A DreamHost support team member can assist you further with setting up the new 'WP Website Builder' for your site.

See the following articles for further information on BoldGrid:

The following describes how to use the Remixer WordPress (WP) Export feature. This feature allows you to export existing Remixer projects to a shared hosted WordPress environment, using the latest Gutenberg blocks plugin technology. You can then continue with advanced editing on a WordPress platform, using all the powerful features it includes such as a Let's Encrypt SSL certificate, blogging, eCommerce, use of WP plugins, custom edits, and more.

This WP Export feature allows you to take your Remixer project from DreamHost's web application cloud environment, and export it as a WordPress theme into a Shared hosting WordPress instance.

After you export a Remixer project to WordPress, you will continue your edits on the WordPress platform.

The WordPress export feature (under Remixer > My Sites) only appears if your account has a paid Shared hosting plan or a Remixer All-Access plan.

Step 1 — Creating a Remixer site

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click the 'Login' link under Account in the top right corner. Your account must have a Shared hosting plan or Remixer All-Access plan, in order for the WordPress export feature to appear under Remixer > My Sites.
  3. Select a Theme (former method) or click the “Create” wizard button in the top right corner (new method).
    If you use the "Create" wizard, the following page opens in Remixer:

Step 2 — Exporting your Remixer site to WordPress

After you complete a new project by making all the edits (you do not need to publish it yet), the site is ready to export to WordPress.

To export to WordPress:

  1. Click 'My Sites' in the top right corner.
    A WP Export button appears on the project you just created, which only appears if your account has a Shared hosting plan or a Remixer All-Access plan:
  2. Click the WP Export button to start the WordPress Export of your existing Remixer project.
    After you click the export button, you are prompted to choose a domain using one of the following two options:
  3. Select one of the following two options:
    • Use Existing Domain – use an existing domain that is already set up on your account.
    • Use DreamHost Subdomain – use one of DreamHost's staging '' subdomains. See the subdomain article for more information.
    After you select a domain, you are returned to the Remixer > My Sites page, where you can see the status of the WordPress Export in progress:

The WordPress export process can take approximately 30 minutes to complete, usually 15–30 minutes on average.

You won’t be able to make any edits to your Remixer project during this export process until it completes. Also, do not make any changes to the hosting settings of the domain within the DreamHost web panel during this process. Wait 15–30 minutes for the installation process to complete before making any changes.

You may also notice the domain hosting on the Manage Domains page has changed: the Remixer hosting (custom cloud platform) now shows a Shared hosting WordPress environment with a new auto-generated SFTP user.


Step 3 — Setting up your new WordPress account

After the WordPress Export completes in Remixer (showing "Exported to WP"), the following options appear in your Remixer project under Remixer > My Sites:


Make the following selection:

  • Reset to Remixer – reverts your WP Export back to the Remixer application where you'll be able to continue edits on Remixer’s interface.
  • Open WP-Admin – opens your new WordPress environment with the imported Remixer project theme. You will no longer use Remixer to make your edits, but will instead use WordPress to continue your advanced edits.

Step 4 — Checking the WordPress confirmation emails

After the WordPress Export completes, the following three emails are sent to the address on file with your DreamHost account:


Email #1: “New Let's Encrypt Cert for”


This is an email notification about the new Let's Encrypt SSL certificate that is automatically installed with your Remixer to WP Export, free of charge. There is no further action needed for this email.

Email #2: “Success installing WordPress on your site!”


This important email includes your new WordPress login username and a new password link.

You must click the link next to 'set your password' within the email to create a new WordPress user password. You will need this password in order to proceed to the next section.

Email #3: “DreamHost SFTP-only User Activated”


This is an email notification about the new SFTP user created for your new shared hosting WordPress environment. There is no further action needed for this email.

Step 5 — Setting a WordPress password

Using the “Success installing WordPress on your site!” email described in the previous section, click the 'set your password' link.

WordPress opens and prompts you to enter a new password:

Enter a new password and click the Reset Password button.

WordPress alerts you that your password is reset:

Click the 'Log in' link to log into your new Remixer WordPress using the username provided in the email and your newly set password.

Step 6 — Using WordPress

After you log into WordPress, your new exported Remixer page appears under WP-Admin > Pages. Using Gutenberg block technology, your WordPress page now includes advanced editing features:


Hover over the new “Home — Front Page, Remixer, Gutenberg” page and click the 'Edit' link that appears underneath to start editing with WordPress’ latest Gutenberg block editing functionality.

For more information about Gutenberg, see the following DreamHost blog article:

Touring WordPress with the new Remixer export feature

You can make edits as needed to your new Remixer Export page in WordPress:

An Undo/Redo function exists on the WordPress Page Edit, similar to the one in the Remixer environment, which undos/redos some editing actions:

The Remixer support team can only provide limited support for any custom edits you make within the WordPress environment, but can provide FULL support for projects hosted and edited within the Remixer environment.

Using plugins

Under WP-Admin > Plugins > Installed Plugins, a list of pre-installed plugins appears. These are required to allow the Remixer Export to WordPress features to work:


Do NOT remove or disable the following plugins and theme, which ensure that the Remixer Export to WP functionality continues to work: Gutenberg, Remixer Gutenberg Blocks, and the Remixer-Theme.

Changing a theme

You can switch a theme under WP-Admin > Appearance > Themes, as it will not affect the Remixer Export to WordPress pages (Gutenberg-plugin based):


If you use a non-Remixer Theme, any new WordPress pages (non-Remixer) you create are instead styled in that selected WordPress theme.

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