How to use Staging on DreamPress


Staging gives you the freedom and confidence to test changes before you publish without worry. It creates a copy of your site in a "sandbox" environment where you can experiment and preview changes without it affecting what your visitors see. When you're ready, push your changes to your live site with a simple click.

Watch before you begin

How do I create a staging site?

There are two steps in creating a staging website and then publishing it back to your live site.

Step 1 — Copy Live to Staging

This option copies your live DreamPress site to a staging website. View the following article for instructions:

Step 2 — Publish your changes from Staging to your live DreamPress site 

This option copies your Staging site and its changes, back to your live DreamPress site. View the following article for instructions:

Best practices

Password protecting your staging site

Search engines will penalize your site for duplicate content. To avoid this, your staging site is automatically password protected so it does not lose SEO ranking.

Copying changes to your live site

Be careful when you copy from your staging site to your live site: you could potentially lose/overwrite any changes on your live site you've made since you started working on the staging site.

If you do choose to copy from the staging site, make sure to backup your live site just to be safe.

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