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The 'Websites' panel page provides an enhanced and graphical presentation of all of your domains, offering you a streamlined view where you can easily make feature and setting adjustments to any of your domains at DreamHost.

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Opening the 'Websites' page

Navigate to the new Websites  page in your panel.

  • New accounts will not see the 'Manage Domains' link in the panel. If you need to access that page, click Manage Domains. New accounts can also access the 'Manage Domains' page from numerous links on the 'Websites' panel page.
  • Older accounts will see both the Manage Domains link as well as the new Websites link (as seen in the following image). You can use either to manage your domains.
The 'Websites' page opens in your panel, showing you all your domains in a graphical display:

The top navigation bar

The following describes how to use each of the items shown in the top navigation bar:


Using search


The search field allows you to search for any website on your account.

  • Click the magnifying glass icon and the search bar expands.
  • Start typing and any matching website names display immediately.

Showing additional website information for all domains

To display more detailed information about all of your domains, click the up/down arrow icon at the top of your domain list.

The grey 'facing away' arrows is the default setting, which displays basic information about all of your domains:


The blue 'facing towards' arrows displays more detailed information about all of your domains:


Viewing your websites using grid or list view

You can display your websites in 'grid view' or 'list view'. Click the following icons to toggle between each view:

Grid view appearance


Grid view appearance is the default setting, and shows basic information for all your domains (the screenshot of your site(s) will update every 24 hours) :


List view appearance


List view appearance shows all of your domains in a list-style view, which is ideal if you have many domains to display:


Actions you can perform in either grid or list view

Depending on your website's settings, the following options are available that allow you to make further adjustments to a website:

  • Link to your website — Hover over your website's URL (an2020-02_panel_websites_28.pngicon appears next to it) or anywhere on the preview pane (in grid view) and click it to open the selected website. The website URL also turns blue on hover.
  • Website hosting plan — The type of hosting plan appears next to the website's URL. For example: Shared Unlimited, VPS, DreamPress, or Remixer (to name a few). It can also show the domain settings for the website, such as Mirror, DNS Only, Redirect or Cloaked (to name a few).
  • WordPress — Opens the wp-admin page for your WordPress site (the2020-02_panel_websites_29.pnglogo appears in the upper right of the grid box if it's a WordPress website).
  • Manage — Opens either the Manage Domains page for your website or the Managed WordPress page (if it's a DreamPress site).
  • My Files — Opens WebFTP for the website.
  • Edit Website — Opens Remixer to allow you to edit the site (if it's a Remixer website).
  • Add Hosting — Opens the Manage Domains page, where you can add hosting to a domain (if none exist).

Adding a website

  • Click the + Add Website button to open the Manage Domains page, where you can add hosting to a domain.

Website details

There are three ways you can view additional details about a website:

  • By clicking the 2020-02_panel_websites_21.png icon at the top, which shows more information about all your websites. Click the same icon to hide the details for all your websites.
  • In grid view: by clicking the '2020-02_panel_websites_22.png' link within each website box, which shows more information about that specific website. Click the link again to hide the details for the website.
  • In list view: by clicking the 2020-02_panel_websites_25.png icon to the far right of the website listing, which shows more information about that specific website. Click the icon again to hide the details for the website.

The following sections describe how to view and what to click in order to make further adjustments to your existing websites.

Viewing additional details in grid view

Click the '2020-02_panel_websites_22.png' link at the bottom of a website box.

The website details display:

Viewing additional details in list view

Click the 2020-02_panel_websites_25.png icon to the far right of the website listing.

The website details displays:

Icons that appear alongside your website's URL in list view

Various colored icons appear to the left of your website's URL, which indicate the domain is:

  • 2020-02_panel_websites_30.png — Fully hosted
  • 2020-02_panel_websites_31.png — Mirrored
  • 2020-02_panel_websites_32.png — Redirected
  • 2020-02_panel_websites_34.png — Cloaked
  • 2020-02_panel_websites_35.png — Parked
  • 2020-02_panel_websites_33.png — DNS only

Actions you can perform in either grid or list view

You can make further adjustments to your website by clicking the following setting links (depending on your website's hosting plan):

  • Change Plan — Opens the current hosting plan page (e.g., DreamPress, VPS, or Manage Account) where you can make adjustments to your current plan.
  • View DNS Records (link turns blue on hover) — Opens the Manage Domains page, where you can adjust the DNS records for the website's domain.
  • PHP Version — Displays the current PHP version for the website.
  • SSL Certificate — Either displays Secure (in green) or Not Secure (in red). If Not Secure, click the 'Add' link, which opens the Add Certificate page.
  • Malware Remover — Either displays Active (in green) or Not Active (in grey). Click 'Manage' (to manage your current plan) or 'Add' to enable Malware Remover.
  • Domain — Shows the renewal date for the website's domain. Alternatively, it may show that it's 'Expired' (in red) or 'Expires soon' (in orange). Click the 'Manage', 'Renew', or 'Transfer' link, which opens either the Registrations or Reg. Transfer page (depending on the domain's status).
  • Email — Shows the number of email addresses that are currently configured on your website's domain. Click either the 'Get Email', 'Add Email', or 'Manage' link (depending on the type of email plan and status), which opens the Manage Email page.

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