How to re-enable your account


If you cancel or suspend your account, you can easily re-enable it at anytime. The following describes how to use the DreamHost web panel to re-enable your account by adding a Shared hosting plan. However, you can add any type of hosting plan you like.

Re-enabling a Shared hosting plan

If you only wish to register a domain(s) without any hosting plan, please contact support who can then assist you with re-enabling your account for domain registrations only.

  1. Navigate to the Manage Account page.
  2. Under the section titled Service Plans, click the Add A Shared Hosting Plan button.
    Several payment options appear, which allow you to choose how often you are billed for your hosting plan:
  3. Select a billing plan and click the Add Shared Hosting Plan button.
  4. When your hosting plan is added, proceed with adding your domain to the hosting plan. View the following article for instructions on how to add your site to the hosting plan:

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