Email migration

In an effort to improve the speed and reliability of your email service, DreamHost is upgrading customer email accounts to new, faster hardware in its state-of-the-art data center

To boost the safety and security of your email, SSL is now enabled by default for connections to DreamHost’s mail servers.

Please note that due to the email server security upgrades, vanity mail server URLs will no longer be supported. View the section below for further details.

What to expect

Duplicate emails during the migration process

You’ll continue to have access to your email accounts during migration, but please refrain from making any changes within your accounts until maintenance wraps up. Moving emails between folders, deleting messages, and even modifying “message-read” flags may cause those messages to duplicate at the new location during the cleanup synchronization. Rest assured, you will not lose any emails as a result of this migration.

DNS propagation issues

Incoming messages may be delayed as the new servers’ DNS records propagate across the Internet. Some messages may even temporarily appear to go missing on the new server. Don’t panic if this happens—they will return!

Catch-all End of Life

If you have created a catch-all email address, this functionality will no longer work once the migration has completed.

To ensure you do not miss any incoming emails, make sure you create any addresses you wish to receive email at. For example:

Do this prior to the migration so these addresses will continue to receive incoming email. Please view the article below for instructions on how to add an email address:

How to prepare

Updating your email client configuration

If you have been migrated to the mail server, your email client configuration may need to be updated.

New mail servers

In the past, your email servername (hostname) would have looked like ''. Although this address will continue to work, DreamHost recommends you update your mail client settings with these new, simplified server URLs:

IMAP (most common)

  • — Port 993 (incoming IMAP connections)
  • — Port 465 (outgoing SMTP connections)


  • — Port 995 (incoming POP connections)
  • — Port 465 (outgoing SMTP connections)

Webmail server

You can log into your webmail at the following address:


What if I'm using external DNS?

If you are using an external DNS provider, its records may need to be updated as well (including MX records).

MX servers

The following are the new MX servers:


Vanity mail server EOL

After your email service is migrated to the new server, DreamHost will no longer support the use of ‘vanity’ mail server URLs, such as or You may notice that will continue to function for a limited time, but eventually it will stop.

Therefore, DreamHost strongly recommends that you use going forward. This will prevent your browser from displaying an ‘SSL certificate name mismatch’ error while logging into webmail. You can read more about this error in the following article:

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