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In an effort to improve the speed and reliability of your email service, DreamHost is upgrading customer email accounts to new, faster hardware in its state-of-the-art data center. 

To boost the safety and security of your email, SSL is now enabled by default for connections to DreamHost’s mail servers.

Please note that there are a few changes you should be aware of if you are using vanity mail server URLs. View the section below for further details.

This article references DreamHost's migration of customer's email to a new server. If you are instead looking for information on how to migrate your own email from an external hosting provider, view the following article instead.

DNS additions

New DNS records will be added to your domain's DNS configuration. These are to assist email applications to automatically configure the correct settings.

_autodiscover._tcp SRV 5 0 443
autoconfig CNAME"

Potential issues

Duplicate emails during the migration process

You’ll continue to have access to your email accounts during migration, but please refrain from making any changes within your accounts until maintenance wraps up. Moving emails between folders, deleting messages, and even modifying “message-read” flags may cause those messages to duplicate at the new location during the cleanup synchronization. Rest assured, you will not lose any emails as a result of this migration.

DNS propagation issues

Incoming messages may be delayed as the new servers’ DNS records propagate across the Internet. Some messages may even temporarily appear to go missing on the new server. Don’t panic if this happens—they will return!

Time frame

As mailbox sizes can vary, your migration can take anywhere from one hour to one week. Keep an eye out for the completion notice that DreamHost sends once your entire account has finished migrating.

Do not add or remove users during the migration

Once you've received the email that DreamHost has begun your migration, please do not add or remove any email users until you've received the completion notice that the migration has completed. This can result in your users being split across two different mail clusters, as well as breaking important settings on your account.

If you use Apple's Mail app to manage email

There may be situations where emails are not routed properly, particularly between addresses on the same domain.

If you use Apple's Mail app to manage your DreamHost-hosted email accounts, you may need to reset all destination/filter rules in order to properly route email after the migration.

For more information on how use rules to manage your Apple Mail inbox, please see the following Apple support article:

Suggested changes

Though not required, DreamHost highly recommends you make the following suggested changes to your email settings to ensure a smooth email experience after your migration completes.

Updating your email client configuration

If you have been migrated to the mail server, your email client configuration may need to be updated.

New mail servers

Make sure you use your correct mail servername. View the 'Email client configuration' article for details. You should only use one of the following:

IMAP (most common)

  • — Port 993 (incoming IMAP connections)
  • — Port 465 (outgoing SMTP connections)


  • — Port 995 (incoming POP connections)
  • — Port 465 (outgoing SMTP connections)

Most modern email clients automatically assign secure settings (enabling SSL and secure ports), however it's possible your mail client requires you to manually adjust this.

When changing settings within your client, make sure you are using secure settings by checking the option to use SSL and confirm the ports match the above values.

Webmail server

You can log into your webmail at the following address:


What if I'm using external DNS?

If you are using an external DNS provider, its records may need to be updated as well (including MX records).

MX servers

View the following article for instructions on how to locate your current MX records:

Vanity mail server notice

After your email service is migrated to the new server, any email applications still using vanity mail server URLs (such as '') will experience login issues until the DNS changes have fully resolved to point to the new IP address. To work around, or avoid this altogether, DreamHost strongly recommends modifying your email application to use the updated configuration settings shown in the section above.

If you choose to continue using '' in your settings after DNS has finished resolving to the new IP address, your email application may show a 'SSL certificate name mismatch' error. You can find information on working around this in the following article:

Webmail URL

Finally, if you previously used '' to access the webmail interface, DreamHost strongly recommends switching to Due to improvements with DreamHost's email infrastructure, this is only URL you should use to connect to Webmail.

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