Managing MySQL with DreamPress

The following describes how to quickly make changes to your MySQL databases using the DreamPress Dashboard.

How to make MySQL changes with DreamPress

  1. Navigate to DreamPress.
  2. Click the MANAGE button.
    The 'Manage DreamPress' page opens:
  3. Scroll down to MySQL, under the 'Details' section. There are two links you can select (see the following sections for more information on each one):
    • Restore Database
    • phpMyAdmin

Restore Database

Clicking the 'Restore Database' link opens the restore MySQL database page in the panel. On this page you can view your database settings and restore your database as needed. For more information, please see the following article:


The following page opens when you click the 'phpMyAdmin' link:


You can make changes to your DreamPress MySQL database directly in phpMyAdmin, regardless of whether the domain's DNS is pointed to DreamHost. phpMyAdmin is particularly helpful with backing up, importing, exporting, and restoring a database.

For more information on phpMyAdmin, see the links in the following section.

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