Viewing your DreamPress plan


This article explains how to view the current DreamPress plan you're using.

Viewing your plan

Once you have at least one domain on DreamPress, navigate to the Managed WordPress page.


Click the Manage button. A panel displays showing you an overview of your DreamPress service. Below is a description of each field:

Upper section

  • Open WP-Admin — Click this to log directly into your DreamPress site.
  • Jetpack Professional — Shows if you have enabled Jetpack Professional for your DreamPress site.

Center section

  • Plan — Displays if you're on a yearly or monthly plan and its renew date.
  • Storage — Displays how much of your current storage plan you're using. You can also click 'Resize storage' to change the amount of storage your plan uses.

Bottom section (Details tab)

  • sFTP User — This is the website user you use to log into your server using SFTP or SSH. The user defaults to SFTP, but you can change that by clicking the 'Manage user' link. Please note, this is NOT your WordPress user, this is only your website user you use to log into your DreamPress server if ever necessary.
  • Server — The name of your DreamPress web server.
  • mySQL User — Your DreamPress MySQL database user. Please note that you do not have access to log into the MySQL server.
  • mySQL Server — The name of your MySQL database server.

Bottom section (Domain tab)

When you click the 'Domain' tab, you are given the option to change your DreamPress domain name. To the right is also the option to import an existing WordPress site.

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