Using W3 Total Cache's CDN option with DreamObjects


W3 Total Cache offers several tools to boost the performance of your WordPress site. One of these tools is it's CDN integration option. Using this, it is possible to use DreamObjects content with W3 Total Cache.

The plugin asks for a CDN type and while DreamObjects isn't in the list, it is possible to specify an S3-compatible service (which DreamObjects qualifies as).

This article assumes you've already installed the W3 Total Cache plugin within your WordPress dashboard.

Enabling the CDN

  1. Log into your WordPress dashboard.
    w3 total cache
  2. Navigate to the 'Performance > General Settings' page.
  3. Scroll down to the CDN section.
  4. Click the CDN Type dropdown.
    w3 total cache
  5. From the CDN Type dropdown list, under the section Origin Push:, select "Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) Compatible".
  6. Make sure to click the Save all settings button to save your new changes. 
    w3 total cache
  7. Navigate to the 'Performance > CDN' page.
  8. Scroll down to the Configuration: Objects section.
    w3 total cache
    • API host:
    • Access key ID / Secret key: View the 'DreamObjects Keys' article for instructions on how to locate this information.
    • Bucket: Specify your DreamObjects Bucket name.
    • SSL support: If the bucket name you specified above does NOT contain a . (period) in it, you can use the "Auto (determine connection type automatically)" option.
    • Replace site's hostname with (Optional): You'll need to set up a custom CNAME alias for your bucket in the panel, then enter it here. If you need to use SSL, you will have to use a third-party CDN like Cloudflare to create this alias.
  9. Click the Test S3 upload button.
  10. This should respond with "Test passed". You can now start using the "Upload..." buttons in the General section of the 'Performance > CDN' page of the WordPress dashboard to upload the necessary WordPress content to your DreamObjects bucket.

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