Upgrading a Starter Shared plan to Unlimited Hosting


A Starter Shared hosting plan is a great entry-level hosting plan for new websites. However, overtime your site will grow and need more resources. This article explains how to upgrade from a Starter Shared plan to an Unlimited Shared hosting plan.

 Upgrading to Unlimited Hosting

  1. Navigate to the Manage Account page.
    Your Starter Shared plan appears
  2. The new plan will inherit the payment schedule of your current Starter Shared plan. You should now choose if you want to pay for the new plan on a Monthly or Annual schedule. The image above shows that Monthly is already chosen for the Starter Shared plan. If you want the new plan to be Yearly, click the edit link under the BILLING column and choose the new schedule.
  3. Click the link titled Upgrade to Happy Hosting.
  4. A pop-up appears informing you of the new charges that will apply for the new plan. Click Ok to accept.
  5. Your new plan is created and your panel changes from Starter Shared to Happy Hosting.

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