Introduction to the DreamPress Dashboard


The following walks you through the DreamPress Dashboard and how to best use its features.

Don’t have DreamPress yet?

You can upgrade an existing WordPress site to DreamPress using the 'Upgrade to DreamPress' link on the Manage Domains page, or go to the Managed WordPress page to purchase.

Accessing the DreamPress Dashboard

You can access your DreamPress Dashboard directly by clicking the following link:

DreamPress Dashboard features

The DreamPress Dashboard is where you can manage hosting details for your website. When you click the Manage button to the right of your DreamPress domain, you can access the following options:


The WordPress Admin Dashboard (wp-admin) is where you can add and edit content and features on your WordPress website. If the Open WP-Admin button does not automatically log you into your WordPress Dashboard and instead takes you to a login page, then please Contact Support for assistance.

Secure FTP

If you need to access the server’s files directly, DreamHost offers web access and automatic login using Secure FTP with one click.

MySQL database (phpMyAdmin)

If you need to access your WordPress site’s database directly, DreamHost offers automatic login to your database using phpMyAdmin with one click.


DreamPress Plus and Pro customers have the added benefit of access to a FREE subscription to Jetpack’s Professional level plan (a $299/year value). Jetpack Professional users have access to hundreds of themes free of charge with theme support, as well as free real-time offsite backups, unlimited off-site video hosting, Elasticsearch, and more.

Managing DreamPress domains

From the 'Domain' tab, you can change the domain name on your site, or you can copy the contents from one site to another. For more information, see the following article:

Creating and restoring backups

From the 'Backups' tab, you can easily create and restore backups without using a separate backup plugin. For more information, see the following article.

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