Canceling G Suite


You may cancel your G Suite plan at any time after your 30 day free trial has expired. When canceling, you will receive a pro-rated credit to your DreamHost account.

Before you cancel

Before you cancel, make sure you've done the following:

The following link goes into more details about the steps above:

Transfer data between G Suite accounts

As an administrator, you can transfer your users' data from the current account to the new one. View the following article for further information.

Canceling in your panel to stop billing

When you cancel your subscription in the DreamHost panel, billing is immediately stopped for G Suite services.

Cancelling your subscription also deletes all your user accounts and data. Within 24 hrs, you domain can be used with a new G Suite subscription.

You must cancel your G Suite subscription in the DreamHost panel to stop all future payments. If you cancel within G Suite console only, you will continue to be billed for the services.

Canceling your Business plan

If you cancel your G Suite Business plan, you must wait 60 days before you are able to sign up for any new edition of G Suite.

Canceling if you have other types of subscriptions

If you have multiple subscriptions (such as Cloud Identity or Chrome Enterprise) and cancel only your G Suite subscription, your other subscriptions will remain active.

Canceling your G Suite subscription

  1. Navigate to the Manage G Suite page in your panel.
  2. Click the 'Change Plan' link.
  3. Click the Cancel Plan button.
  4. Type in the word DELETE, then click Confirm to cancel.

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