G Suite billing


DreamHost supports monthly billing. Monthly pricing breaks down as follows:

Plan type Storage Cost per month
Basic 30 GB $6 per user
Business Unlimited $12 per user

Free trial

When adding G Suite to a domain, you may be eligible for a 30 day free trial for up to 10 licenses. If you are eligible, you will start with a 30 day trial.

If you are not eligible for a trial, you should contact DreamHost support. Support can then determine if you are a direct customer of Google or another reseller, then manually enable the service on a domain via the reseller console if needed.

After the trial period is over

After the free trial period, you are not immediately billed for G Suite. The charge is added to your regular monthly bill and due at the next due date (rebill date).

At any point during the trial, you may cancel the service. Upon the completion of the trial, you will automatically transition onto monthly billing.


You must purchase users in the DreamHost panel. You can then add them in the G Suite console.

For example, you are billed based on the number of users purchased in the DreamHost control panel. You will not be able to add more users in the G Suite admin console than the number purchased in our control panel.

If you need more users, you must first purchase users in the DreamHost control panel. You will then be able to add users up to the purchased limit in the G Suite admin console.

Additional users purchased mid-month are pro-rated on a daily basis.

Removing users

You are able to remove users in the G Suite admin console at any time. If you do not want to be billed for unused users, you will need to decrease the number of users in the DreamHost control panel.

Users removed mid-month will be credited on a pro-rated daily basis.

Billing is prorated when adjusting users

G Suite plans are based on number of users. For example, switching from a 2 user plan to a 10 user plan will result in the previous plan ending and being prorated, and the new plan starting immediately.

Example Billing Timeline

The following table describes the billing timeline when you add a new G Suite 'Basic' plan with 2 users.

It then takes you through the process of adding a new user, changing the plan, and removing a user.

Date Action DreamHost Charge Created
Jan 1st A free trial with 2 users on one domain is started. $0 Free trial
Feb 1st Free trial ends. The 2 user 'Basic' billing plan starts. $12 Basic plan — 2 users
Feb 15th A 3rd user is added to the existing Basic plan.

$18 Basic plan — 3 users

($6) Basic plan 2 users (early ending credit 50%)

Mar 15th Monthly charge for 3 users on the Basic plan $18 Basic plan — 3 users
Apr 1st Plan is upgraded from 'Basic' to 'Business'.

$36 Business plan — 3 users

($9) Basic plan — 3 users (early ending credit 50%)

Apr 15th 1 user is removed.

$24 Business plan — 2 users

($18) Business plan — 3 users (early ending credit 50%)

Non-Payment and suspension (7 days)

DreamHost will send you a message if your account is past due. You will have 7 days to then pay the past due payment.

If they do not pay the outstanding balance by the end of the 7th day, DreamHost will suspend your G Suite account.

Once you have paid the balance in full, G Suite will be re-enabled.

If your account is suspended for 60 days, it is automatically canceled.

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