Migrating email to G Suite


This article explains how to import email from your old DreamHost email address to your new G Suite email address.

Step 1 — Confirm your domain has been verified

Before you can migrate email, Google must first verify your domain. This usually happens within a few hours, but could potentially take up to 24 hours. You can confirm if your domain has been verified by following these steps:

  1. Log into your G Suite console.
    g suite apps
  2. Click the 'Apps' option.
    g suite services
  3. Select 'G Suite'. 
    The following red warning appears If your domain has not been verified:
    g suite verify

If you're seeing this warning, you must wait until Google has auto verified your domain. When Google has verified your domain, you will see all of your apps are enabled:

g suite apps

Step 2 — Confirm your site is using an SSL certificate

Before proceeding, make sure your domain is using an active SSL certificate. If it's not, you will not be able to use this method.

Step 3 — Import email using the G Suite migration tool

  1. Log into your G Suite console.
    data migration
  2. Click the 'Data migration' option.
    email migration
  3. Select the 'Email' radio button.
  4. Click the CONTINUE button.
    email details
  5. Make the selections in the following dropdown menus:
    • Migration source — Select 'Other IMAP server'.
    • Connection protocol — Select 'IMAP' and then enter the IMAP Server Name imap.dreamhost.com.
    • Role account — Enter the email and password you used to log into your DreamHost email account.
  6. Click the Connect button.
    email migration
  7. Select the time frame and folders you would like to migrate.
  8. Click Select users.
    email migration
  9. Click the Select user button at the bottom to select your G Suite user.
    email migration
  10. Enter the address you're migrating from and the user you're migrating to.
  11. Click the START button.
    email migration
  12. After you see a confirmation message notifying you that the migration has begun, return here to check the progress of the migration.
  13. Once complete, check your G Suite email to confirm everything has been migrated.

Manually copy emails from your DreamHost account to G Suite

This process involves using a mail client such as Thunderbird. You would set up both your DreamHost email address and your G Suite email address in this program using separate server and password credentials for each.

Once both are connected, simply drag and drop from your DreamHost account into your G Suite account. The following article walks you through this process:

Manually importing emails you have backed up

Google has many tools that you can use to import old emails (from backups or mail programs on your computer). These include:

You can also check with Google’s support list of current email migration options for all the details, links, and for further information or support from Google:


What happened to all my email messages?

If you find that you are missing email messages, you can access the old addresses at DreamHost by using the DreamHost email subdomain domain to connect to your old mail server. View the following article for further instructions:

You can then back up those emails to your computer and upload to Gmail using the instructions from the following articles:

Be sure to use your G Suite email credentials when logging in using an email client.

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