Using a domain managed by a third-party registrar


If you want to use domain name that is registered at a third party registrar, you need to update your DNS records to point to DreamHost. Once updated, you can use the domain with any DreamHost hosting services.

Where is your site registered?

You can run a WHOIS query to determine where your site is registered. View the following article for further information.

Where do I update my DNS records?

You must update the DNS records at your third party registrar (the place where you purchased the domain registration). You have two options to point your DNS to DreamHost.

  • Pointing Nameservers (recommended)
  • Pointing A records

Pointing Nameservers

Visit the following article for instructions on how to do this at your specific registrar:

At your third party registrar, update your nameservers to the DreamHost namservers shown below:


When updating your nameservers at your registrar, you should only have to add the nameserver URL, not the IP. The IPs are listed above just in case your registrar asks for them.

This modification takes about 3–72 hours to propagate across the Internet, after which your new nameservers will direct visitors to your account with DreamHost.

You can track the progress of your DNS update here.

Pointing A records

If you only want to host the website with DreamHost and not email or any other service, you can just point the A records. View the following article for instructions on how to find your site's IP address.

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