Preventing spam comments on your WordPress site


Spam messages are always an unwelcome addition to any website, and unfortunately your WordPress 'Comments' feature may also attract spam at an alarming rate.

The following two options describe how you can either turn off the comments feature altogether and/or use a plugin to help you prevent spam going forward:

Option 1 — Turn off comments

If you don't need to use the comments feature at all on your WordPress website, there are several options you can consider.

Disabling the comments feature

The following guide walks you through several options you can select on your WP-Admin panel, including how to turn off comments site wide (pages and posts), on pages only (but leave on for blog posts), from a WordPress page template, or through the functions file:

Using a disable comments plugin

You can also install a 'disable comments' plugin through your WP-Admin page:

Option 2 — Prevent spam comments

If you wish to keep comments enabled but cut down on the amount of spam, DreamHost recommends installing the Akismet anti-spam plugin on your WordPress site:

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