Creating a successful affiliate campaign


The following describes how to create a step-by-step DreamHost setup guide to add to your blog or website in order to increase awareness and conversion rates.

What you should include

You already know that to draw traffic and increase engagement on your site you need to offer your audiences valuable content. Adding a step-by-step guide to help your readers sign up for a DreamHost account is an effective way to increase conversions on your website.

Here are some essential talking points you should include in your guide, which are described in detail in the following sections:

  • Why starting a website is a great idea
  • How to get web hosting and a domain from DreamHost
  • How to install WordPress and choose a theme
  • How to customize a website

Additional tips and resources

The following are additional tips to further help you create a successful web guide:

  • Write it in your own words and don't simply copy content from elsewhere. Your visitors like your unique voice, so use it to write your guide in a fun, engaging way.
  • Include an affiliate disclosure (see DreamHost's TUNE Terms and Conditions). You want to make sure that you cover your legal bases and spell out fine-print details for affiliates, so there are no surprises or disgruntled users.
  • Go the extra mile to help your audiences get started with DreamHost. Show them how easy it is to get set up with a hosting plan by including step-by-step sign-up screenshots and detailed walkthrough steps (see below). The more you can personalize your post, the more success you’ll have — not only for essential SEO purposes but for better engagement with your visitors and, ultimately, conversions.

DreamHost knowledge base article links and screenshots

You can find up-to-date instructions to help you create your guide in the following DreamHost knowledge base articles:

High-resolution screenshots can be downloaded from the following link, which you can use on your website to further support your own how-to guides:

Best practices

The following are a few best-practice actions you should take to ensure maximum success rate for your web campaign:

  • Include a tracking link whenever you mention DreamHost. Exposure helps you earn those rewards: the more opportunities you provide for people to click and sign up, the higher returns you’ll see.
  • Keep navigational clues within the post intuitive. Make the guide clearly visible in your site’s menu structure, so it’s easy for your visitors to access.

Need an example? Check out DreamHost's How to Start a Blog for further ideas that are sure to inspire you.

See also

For more information on DreamHost's Affiliate and Refer & Earn program as well as program terms and conditions, please see the following pages:

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