Manage Account overview


The Manage Account page lists all the major services for your DreamHost account:

account management page

The Overview section displays the following:

  • The date your account was opened
  • Your account ID#
  • The name of the account owner
  • Your billing cycle dates
  • Outstanding balances and Autopay
  • Primary contact email
  • Additional account users

You can also close your account from this page.

Active Plans

service plans

The Active Plans section lists the different services you have added to your DreamHost account. These could include the following:

  • Any hosting plan added
  • DreamCompute
  • DreamObjects storage
  • DreamShield
  • DreamPress
  • Remixer

You can edit the service by clicking the Manage button to the right.



This Servers section lists any VPS, Private MySQL, or Dedicated Servers you have added to your account.



This Users section lists any FTP, SFTP, or Shell users you have added to your account. These are usernames you can use to log into your server using an FTP client or a Shell terminal.


mail users

This Mailboxes section lists any email addresses you have added to your website.

Hosted Domains


The Hosted Domains section lists all domains added to your account along with the type of hosting that is assigned.

Domains Registered


This Domains Registered section lists any domain registrations you have purchased.



This Databases section lists all databases you have added to your account.

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