Disk usage panel page overview


The Disk Usage page in the panel details various usage details listed by the following:

  • Server
  • Username
  • Domain
  • Email address
  • Database
  • Discussion Lists

This page can be accessed from the Manage Account page.

Disk Usage

The Disk Usage section lists the following:

  • Day of your billing cycle
  • Dates your billing cycle began and ends
  • Server disk usage estimates

Disk Usage by Server

The Disk Usage by Server section displays disk usage of any VPS, Private MySQL, or Dedicated Servers added to your account.

Disk Usage by User

The Disk Usage by User section lists any usernames you have added to your server along with how much disk space each username is using. If you click the View Report button, your user disk usage displays based on each day of usage. 

Disk Usage by Fully Hosted Domain

The Disk Usage by Fully Hosted Domain section lists usage based on any domain that you have added hosting to. By default, no values display. Click the Go! button to update this page. A success message displays notifying you that it may take a few hours for this information to update and that you'll be emailed once it does.

Disk Usage by Address

The Disk Usage by Address section lists email disk usage. Click the View Report button to the right of an address to see daily usage.

Disk Usage by Database

The 'Disk Usage by Database' lists the disk usage of each database.

Disk Usage by Discussion List

The Disk Usage by Discussion List section lists any Discussion Lists you have added to your account and how much disk space they are using.

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