Bandwidth Usage panel page overview


The Bandwidth Usage page lists bandwidth details of your account and individual domains. The bandwidths displayed on this page are the amount of data transferred to and from your website.

Bandwidth by billing cycle

bandwidth usage

The first section lists your current billing cycle along with the total and estimated usage during this time period.

Bandwidth usage per Domain

bandwidth usage

This section lists your domains and their bandwidth.


Domains are listed as (secure web) meaning they have an SSL certificate added to it, or (web) meaning the non-secure version of the site. For example:

  • secure web URL:
  • web URL:


This lists the total bandwidth of your domain during this current billing cycle.


Average of your bandwidth usage per day.


Estimation of how much bandwidth you'll have used by the end of your current billing cycle.


Click the View Report to view a daily breakdown of your website's bandwidth's usage.

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