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MX records control where emails for your domain are routed and sent for delivery. This article explains how to configure your MX records in your DreamHost panel.

Be sure that the email addresses you want to receive mail at are properly set up and working before changing the MX records to direct mail to the new location. If you change the MX records before setting up those mail accounts, or make an error when changing the MX records, emails sent to you may bounce back to the sender or be lost.

Changing your MX records

To change your MX records domain:

  1. Navigate to the Custom MX page.

    Google Workspace users

    If you have enabled Google Workspace on your domain in the DreamHost panel, you will see Google Workspace to the right of your domain. This means your MX records are already pointed to Google where it's currently hosted.

    If you have already purchased Google Workspace directly through Google and not DreamHost, you'll need to add custom MX records that point to Google as shown below.

  2. To the right of your domain, click the Edit button.

The following options appear which are described below.

Regular DreamHost email

If the panel has set your records to DreamHost 

Regular DreamHost email is set by default. This means all MX and other mail DNS records are automatically created to send your emails to DreamHost's servers.

You can use the Manage Email page to configure your domain's email addresses, both fully-hosted and forward-only.

If the panel is pointing your MX records away from DreamHost

If you’ve previously pointed your MX records away from DreamHost in the panel, you'll see a button titled Make me regular now!. Click this if you want the panel to remove your custom MX records and set them back to DreamHost.

Google Workspace

This option enables Google Workspace on your domain. When enabled, your email is then hosted at Google. View the following article for further details.

Mail Mirror

Mail Mirroring is a quick way to create forwards for an entire domain. View the following article for further details.

Custom MX Records

View the following article for further details.

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