Domain registration-related downtime issues


The following articles describe common DNS issues that may cause site downtime and the steps to help get your site online again.

View the following article for a list of other causes your site may be down.

DNS propagation

If you have made any type of DNS change recently, your DNS may need more time to propagate online. This includes the following changes:

Most changes update online in 6 hours, although nameservers can take up to 72 hours. You can track where your new DNS values have updated around the world using either of the following links:

Expired registration

If a domain has expired, you still have 30 days to renew it. View the Renewals article for details on how to renew a domain name.

If it’s been expired for over 30 days, the domain is in its Redemption period. View the Redemption article for details on how to resolve this.

If your domain registration is not registered at DreamHost, you must check who the registrar is through an online WHOIS lookup. ICANN’s WHOIS search can be found here:

If your status is anything other than ok, you must correct it with your domain registrar.

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