DreamHost Panel Notifications


The DreamHost Panel notification system provides important notices about your websites and DreamHost account.

The Guided Roadmaps in the panel uses Notifications, which accomplishes the following two goals:

  • Assists you in the initial setup of your website.
  • After adding information about your site content and usage on eligible domains, you will then start receiving notifications that help guide you on your online journey.

The following sections describe each Notification you may see in your panel and what each one means.


Suggestions are tailored to your website and can help you improve your content and SEO strategy. Suggestions can include:

  • Website comparisons: Comparing your content to similar popular websites.
  • Content and SEO improvements: Adjustments you can make to your website's content and design that can improve your visibility in search engines.


Warnings notify you of proactive steps you can take to prevent issues with your domain registration, website, or DreamHost account. Warnings can include:

  • Upcoming domain registration expirations
  • ICANN domain registration verification reminders
  • Upcoming AutoPay credit card expirations for automatic payments
  • Secure certificates with upcoming expiration dates


Alerts notify you of urgent issues that may be actively impacting your website. This can include issues affecting your website's stability, which are important to take immediate action on. Alerts can include:

  • Domain registrations suspended due to lack of ICANN verification
  • Expired domain registrations
  • Expired credit cards saved to AutoPay
  • Expired secure certificates

Disabling notifications

The following steps explain how to disable specific panel notifications.

  1. Log into your panel.
  2. In the top menu bar, click the notification icon.
    A menu displays a list of current notifications.
  3. On the top right of this menu, click the vertical 3 dots button.
    A popout menu displays.
  4. Click GO TO SETTINGS.
    A new menu displays listing your current Notification settings.
  5. Toggle any option you like.

    Critical Alerts

    If you toggle Critical Alerts, an alert box appears for you to confirm your choice.

    Click Yes, proceed.

  6. The toggle will appear grayed out when disabled.

Frequently asked questions

Where are notifications for other domains, products, and services?

DreamHost is continually working to add new features, products, and services to Notifications. For now, only domains that fit specific criteria will show in Notifications.

How will I know if I have a Notification without logging into the DreamHost Panel?

Currently, Suggestions are only visible in the panel. You will need to log into the DreamHost Panel regularly if you wish to check for new Notifications.

Issues that trigger Warnings and Alerts also have email notices. If you are not receiving notifications via email, make sure that you are the owner of the DreamHost account, and that the email address on your account is accurate. See the following article for more information:

For domain registrations email notifications, some notices are sent to the domain's registrant. Keep your WHOIS information up-to-date by following the steps described in the following article:

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