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DreamObjects allows you to set public and private permissions on Buckets and Objects. These permissions control what information is available when accessing the Bucket or Objects within it.

Bucket permissions

You can view your Bucket's permissions on the DreamObjects page.

  1. Click your username to expand your Bucket list.
  2. Click the Change Settings link to the right of a Bucket.
  3. Click the 'PERMISSIONS' toggle in the pop-up to toggle between public and private permissions for this Bucket.

What does this change?

Bucket permissions control what information can be viewed publicly online.

If a Bucket has public permissions, visiting the URL of the bucket will display a list of its contents. For example, this bucket has two images named 'lake-public.jpg' and 'lake-private.jpg'.

    <ListBucketResult xmlns="http://s3.amazonaws.com/doc/2006-03-01/">

You can see above the names of the Objects are displayed along with the username of the Bucket.

If the Bucket's permissions were set to private, you would not see the contents or username. You would only see this 'Access Denied' message:


Object permissions

Object permissions control how an individual Object within a Bucket can be viewed.

You can view your Bucket's permissions on the DreamObjects page after opening your Bucket.

  1. Click your username to expand your Bucket list.
  2. Click the View Objects button at the bottom. This opens a pop-up box.
  3. Click your Bucket name in the left pane to display a list of your Objects.
  4. Click on an Object to view its permissions.
    A PERMISSIONS toggle button appears.
  5. Click the PERMISSIONS toggle button, which changes the URL link to the Object.
    If the URL is public, you'll see the image when you visit it. If the URL is private, it will appear as a long strand of random characters that is only valid for a temporary time period. You can set this period in the Expires dropdown menu. You'll only be able to view this image using this private URL. 

Can I view my Objects in a private bucket?

Yes. It does not matter if the Bucket's permissions are set to Public or Private; you will always be able to view your Objects using the Object's correct URL. The correct URL depends on whether the Object is set to public or private.

Public Objects have a simple URL, whereas private Objects have a longer URL with a unique timestamp.

Does changing a Bucket's permissions in the panel change the permissions of Objects within it?

No. Changing the Bucket's permissions in the panel does not change any of the Object's permissions. They will remain the same.

Changing permissions in a client

You can also change permissions in any DreamObjects client. Here's a link that shows how to do this in Cyberduck.

Changing permissions using S3cmd or aws-cli

This can be done by running a command via SSH. When run, all permissions will change to either Public or Private. The following link shows how to do this using S3cmd and aws-cli.

Requesting support

If you need assistance with updating your Object permissions, submit a ticket to support. In your ticket, make sure to specify the Bucket name and what Objects within it you'd like permissions changed. Support will then be able to perform the Object permission changes for you.

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