How do I renew my domain registration?


By default, domain registrations are not automatically renewed. This is different from hosting plans, which are automatically renewed. This article provides information on renewing your domains that are registered through DreamHost.

The following domains are known as 'Auto-Renew Only' domains:

  • .AT
  • .DE
  • .JP

If you own one of these domains, view the following article:

How do I renew my DreamHost domain?

You must resolve any outstanding account balance before you can purchase, renew, or transfer-in a domain registration.

To manually renew your domain name, visit the Registrations page.


Click on the Renew! button to the right of the domain name you wish to renew. The next few pages ask you to confirm the renewal and process payment for that item.

You can also set most domains to renew automatically. View the 'How can I set up auto-renewal?' article for details.

It's currently not possible to renew multiple domains at once.

Paying for the domain

If a registration renewal price increases after you receive a renewal notice, DreamHost will honor the quoted rate in the notice. For example, if your quoted renewal is $9.99/year and the price then increases to $11.99/year, DreamHost will still bill you at $9.99/year.

If you owe something for the registration renewal, the cost is listed in the drop-down menu in the screenshot above. This charge must be paid up front for manual renewals. Auto-renewals are automatically charged to your account.

If you cannot log into your account

If you cannot log into your account, contact support for assistance.

What are the domain registration and renewal fees?

The latest pricing can be found in the "List of Current TLDs and Pricing" table on the following page, which dynamically generates the most up-to-date pricing info for new domain registrations and domain renewals:

Where can I find more information?

View the following FAQ article for more details on domain registration renewals.

Are domain registration renewals refundable?

View the following article for further details.

How long can I renew my domain for?

You can renew a domain for up to 2 years, with payment required upon renewal.

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