Changing a DreamPress plan


Using the DreamHost panel, you can make changes to your DreamPress plan to take advantage of additional features.

This article describes how to adjust the type of DreamPress plan you're currently running. If you wish to instead cancel DreamPress and move your site to another hosting plan, please visit the following article for more information:

You must have an active hosting plan in order to downgrade and move your DreamPress install.

Changing the plan

To make changes to your DreamPress Plan using the panel:

  1. Navigate to Managed WordPress.
    The main DreamPress page opens, which lists all of your DreamPress domains:
  2. Click the 'Manage' button.
    The 'Manage DreamPress' page opens, which includes the following 'Change plan' button near the top:

    If you are on the 'Advanced' plan and have multiple DreamPress installs, and would like to change your plan to a different DreamPress plan such as Pro, you must first delete all but one DreamPress installation. If you need to keep one or more of those DreamPress sites but would still like to change plans, please contact support for assistance.

  3. Click the Edit/Remove Plan button.
    The 'Change Your Plan' page opens:
  4. On the 'Change your plan' page, make the following selections:
    • Select an annual or monthly term
    • Choose a DreamPress plan (DreamPress Basic, Plus, or Pro)
  5. Review the details for your new plan, then click the Change plan button to save the changes.

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