How can I downgrade or delete DreamPress?

Downgrading DreamPress

  1. Navigate to (Panel > ‘DreamPress’ > ‘Dashboard’).
  2. Click the 'Change Plan' link.
    The Mange DreamPress page opens:
  3. Make a selection (downgrade or delete):
    • Migrate to One-Click WordPress (follow the on screen instructions), or
    • Delete DreamPress (see section below for details).

 You must have an active hosting plan in order to downgrade your DreamPress install.

Deleting DreamPress

To delete DreamPress, follow the steps above to change your plan, then click the 'Delete DreamPress' button to delete the service.

If you choose to delete DreamPress, the site is NOT moved to another hosting plan. The domain is set as 'DNS Only' on the 'Manage Domains' page. This means it is no longer hosted, so when you visit the site, it will show a 'Site Not Found' error instead.

If you want the site to remain active, move the site to another hosting plan by choosing instead to 'Migrate' the site.

Do I need to remove any other files or plugins?

Be sure to remove the object-cache.php file and Varnish plugin after you have completed the downgrade. If left installed, it may cause site slowness in rare cases.

You can also disable and remove the Varnish HTTP Purge plugin. In most cases, leaving them will cause no harm to your site, but as you don’t need them, they can be safely removed.

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