How to search for an instance using IP address


You can search for instances using an IP address with the OpenStack command-line client or using the DreamCompute dashboard.

Using the OpenStack CLI

To run the commands below, make sure you have installed the OpenStack command line client.

You can search for an instance from the command line using the IP address parameter. The example below shows the results of a search for the IP address

[user@localhost]$ openstack server list --ip
| ID               | Name                 | Status | Task State | Power State | Networks         |
| 8a99547e-7385... | myInstanceFromVolume | ACTIVE | None       | Running     | private= |

Using the DreamCompute Dashboard

  1. Navigate to the DreamCompute page.
  2. Click the View Dashboard button.
  3. On the left, click 'Compute'.
  4. From the dropdown click Instances.
  5. Select the type of IP address you want to search for (IPv4 or IPv6), type the address into the search box, and click the "Filter" button.

Any instances with that IP address will be displayed.


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