Network Topology

The dashboard page is located under the Project -> Network -> Network Topology page, where you can view a graphical representation of the interaction of your routers, networks, and instances.

Viewing Network Topology

Once you have logged into the DreamCompute dashboard, click the Network Topology tab in the left-hand panel under Project -> Network.


Two possible network topology views appear.

Small View


You can select the small view by clicking the SMALL button at the top left which displays a basic view of your DreamCompute setup where:

  • Routers and instances are shown as small boxes
  • Networks are shown as labeled vertical lines
  • Connections between networks/routers and the public internet (public-110 in this example) are shown as horizontal lines.

Normal View


You can select the normal view by clicking the NORMAL button at the top left which is similar to the small view except it shows more details, including:

  • IP addresses are shown next to the associated routers and instances, and
  • larger boxes representing the routers and instances show the type and name displayed inside.

Other Features


The Network Topology page also contains buttons on the upper right which open other parts of the DreamCompute dashboard, including:

  • Launch Instance – opens the Instances page,
  • Create Network – opens the Networks page, and
  • Create Router – opens the Routers page.

If you hover your mouse over an router or instance, you can see additional details with additional management shortcuts.

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