What is DreamCompute Predictable Bill

What are the hourly prices?


Run a DreamHost Cloud server for as long as you need and only get charged for up to 600 hours (25 days) in a given month. No more confusing invoices, no need for complex calculators and no surprise bills at the end of the month.

Flavor Name Memory vCPU Hourly Price Max Monthly Price
gp1.semisonic 512 MB 1 $0.0075 $4.50
gp1.subsonic 1 GB 1 $0.01 $6.00
gp1.supersonic 2 GB 1 $0.02 $12.00
gp1.lightspeed 4 GB 2 $0.04 $24.00
gp1.warpspeed 8 GB 4 $0.08 $48.00
gp1.hyperspeed 16 GB 8 $0.16 $96.00

How long will bandwidth be free?

For a limited time, upload and download bandwidth from virtual machines will not be included in your monthly bills. We have not decided when to end this special offer; once we decide, we will notify customers with plenty of advance.

How much will bandwidth cost?

Upload traffic will be free, only download bandwidth will be charged. Details are still being defined and will be in line with DreamHost’s other products.

How does hourly billing work?

We bill you for each virtual server per hour of usage until reaching the monthly price, at which the cost is capped for the month.

When is a virtual server considered running?

Billing stops for a virtual server once it is deleted/terminated.

How much do IP addresses cost?

In US-East 2 virtual servers receive a public IPv4 and IPv6 address by default. The best part is that there is no additional charge!

How much does extra block storage cost?

Each DreamCompute cluster includes 100 GB of block storage at no charge. You can adjust your monthly allotment of block storage by purchasing additional 100GB chunks.

Monthly pricing for the 100 GB chunks in US-East 2 is $10.00/month.

Pricing for block storage is based on the total monthly allotment rather than the amount used.

Is private networking available in US-East 2?

Private networking is coming soon to US-East 2 with improvements based on the feedback we received.  Let us know if you’d like to trial this feature in US-East 2 at no charge (for a limited time)!

How to enable the DreamCompute service

Log into your DreamHost panel at panel.dreamhost.com and navigate to the (‘Panel > ‘Cloud Services’ > ‘DreamCompute’) page.

Enter a password you’ll use for the DreamCompute panel and click the Continue button. This enables the DreamCompute service.

What payment methods are available?

View the following article for further information:

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