Managing existing MySQL databases


The following instructions assume you have already created a MySQL database in the panel.

Log into your DreamHost panel. Once logged in, navigate to the MySQL Databases page. On this page you'll see a full list of your MySQL hostnames and databases.

Managing hostnames

Hostnames are displayed at the top, with helpful links for phpMyAdmin access. Databases are listed below the hostnames.

Add New Hostname

Click here to display the new hostname page that allows entering a name and selecting a domain for your new hostname.

Delete Hostname

Click here to delete the hostname listed to the left of the button. Deleting a hostname stops database access for any sites still utilizing it. There must always be at least one hostname, so if only one exists this button is disabled until another hostname is added.

Managing existing MySQL databases

Add a user

Click here to display a new page that allows creating a new MySQL user or selecting an existing user that should have privileges to the database.

Restore DB

Click here to display the database restoration page that allows you to select from a drop-down list of available database backups, and how the tables should be restored. Tables from the backup can be restored with a timestamp into the database, or restored with original table names with existing tables renamed with a timestamp. Restoring a database backup to the original table names is not recommended as it can cause a disruption in service to your site if it doesn't expect the older data.

Modify DB

This allows you to modify the optional description text of your database.

Delete DB

Click to delete the database from your account. Access to the database is disabled, and remains in the MySQL Recycle Bin for an additional 30 days until being permanently deleted. Please make a backup of the database before deleting, as DreamHost cannot guarantee availability of backups for deleted databases.

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