Managing MySQL users, allowable hosts, and privileges

First, log into your DreamHost panel. Once logged in, navigate to the (Panel > 'Advanced' > 'MySQL Databases') page. On this page you'll see a full list of your MySQL hostnames and databases.

Managing MySQL users, allowable hosts, and privileges

The following is a description of the page displayed when clicking on an existing MySQL username in the "Users with Access" column.

The MySQL User page appears.


The red text in the items below indicate possible destructive commands. Please be careful when using these commands.

Button Number Button Name Action and Description
1callout.png Delete Clicking the Delete button removes this MySQL users access to the database listed at the top of the page. When a MySQL user is deleted from all databases, the MySQL user ceases to exist and is considered fully deleted.
2callout.png What may USERNAME do to tables in these databases? This section allows adding or removing specific privileges of the MySQL user, affecting its access to read, write or change data, as well as administrate the database contents.
  • Select — Grants the ability to read rows from tables.
  • Insert — Grants the ability to add new rows to tables.
  • Update — Grants the ability to modify existing rows in tables.
  • Delete — Grants the ability to remove rows in tables.
  • Create — Grants the ability to create new tables. This does not allow the creation of new databases on the command line.
  • Drop — Grants the ability to remove tables and views.
  • Index — Grants the ability to add or remove indexes from existing tables.
  • Alter — Grants the ability to change the structure of tables.
3callout.png Allowable Hosts A list of hosts that are allowed to login to this MySQL user. For security reasons, the default is which restricts connections from outside the DreamHost network, even is a correct username and password is provided. Additional IP addresses or wildcards can be added on new lines to allow access to an outside network. Modifying or removing may result in MySQL inaccessibility for DreamHost hosted websites.
4callout.png Current Password Click the Show button to be displayed the password for this MySQL user.
5callout.png New Password Enter a new password here to change the users password. Please keep in mind that all sites using this MySQL user stops functioning within minutes, until all configuration files are updated to the new password.
6callout.png New Password Again Confirm the new password by entering it again here.

When all desired changes have been made, click Modify USERNAME now! to confirm.

Changes made may take up to 5 minutes to take affect.

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