How to download your DreamCompute openrc file


The instructions in this article will work on Linux and MacOS, they may work in Bash on Windows, but that has not been tested.

What is an openrc file?

An openrc file is a small bash script that sets environment variables so that OpenStack command line tools know how to communicate with DreamCompute.

How do I download my openrc file?

You can find your openrc file in the DreamCompute Dashboard by navigating to Compute > Access & Security > Api Access > Download OpenStack RC File. You can also click this link to download it.

How do I use my openrc file?

The way to run the openrc file is to use the command source:

[user@localhost]$ source /path/to/

Type in the password you use for the DreamCompute Dashboard when it asks for it. Now all the environment variables necessary should be set to use the command line clients.

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