How to download your DreamCompute openrc file

What is an openrc file?

An openrc file is a small bash script that sets environment variables so that OpenStack command line tools know how to communicate with DreamCompute.

How do I download my openrc file?

You can find your openrc file in the DreamCompute Dashboard.

  1. Navigate to the (Compute > API Access) section.
  2. To the right, click the Download OpenStack RC File button.

How do I use my openrc file?

The instructions in this article on how to 'source' the file are for Mac OS X and Linux only. For help using your file in a Windows environment, see this article:

If you downloaded the file from the Dashboard without specifying a destination location, it was most likely downloaded into your computer's /Download directory. On a Mac it would be:


This file you downloaded is named something like You can rename this to something like if you like.

[user@localhost]$ mv ~/Downloads/ ~/Downloads/

Use the source command to run this file. This example shows how to run it from a Mac's /Download directory:

[user@localhost]$ source ~/Downloads/

Your terminal will prompt you to enter a password. This is your DreamCompute dashboard password, the same one you use to log into the DreamCompute dashboard at (Panel > 'Cloud Services' > 'DreamCompute').

After entering the password, all necessary environmental variables should be set. You can now run a command line client like the OpenStack CLI.


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